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Makassar is capital city of South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. This city has some interesting places, excotic islands, beautiful beach, atractive art and culture, many kinds of entertainment, and delicious foods. Makassar is also a gateway to other famous places in Sulawesi like Tana Toraja, Takabonerate Marine Park, Bunaken Marine Park, and Wakatobi Marine Park.

Makassar can be reached through airway or seaway. There are some direct flight to Makassar, one hour only from Bali and Surabaya, two hours from Jakarta, and three hours from Kuala Lumpur. More information

Budgeting Hotels

Hotel Kenari
Yosef Latumahina Street No. 30 Makassar
Phone: 62-411-852353, 852354
Fax: 62-411-872126

Hotel Yasmin
Jampea Street No. 5 Makassar
Phone: 62-411-320424
Fax: 62-411-328283

Hotel Bumi Asih Makassar
Dr. Ratulangi Street No. 17 Makassar
Phone: 62-411-875555
Fax. 62-411-

Hotel Grand Palace
Tentara Pelajar Street No. 50 Makassar
Phone: 62-411-332436
Fax: 62-411-316435

Hotel Losari Metro
Chairil Anwar Street No. 19 Makassar
Phone: 62-411-331133
Fax: 62-411-331188

Hotel Ramayana Satria
Gunung Bawakaraeng Street No. 121 Makassar
Phone: 62-411-
Fax: 62-411-442479

Hotel Phinisi Sea Side
Somba Opu Street No. 235 Makassar
Phone: 62-411-319104
Fax: 62-411-

Hotel Makassar Gate Beach
Pasar Ikan Street No. 10 Makassar
Phone: 62-411-317041
Fax: 62-411-316435

Hotel Pantai Losari
Penghibur Street No. 10 Makassar
Phone: 62-411-826065
Fax: 62-411-313978

Hotel Widhana
Botolempangan Street No. 53 Makassar
Phone: 62-411-321393
Fax: 62-411-321395

Hotel Citra Wisata
Botolempangan Street No. 28 Makassar
Phone: 62-411-311018
Fax: 62-411-

Hotel Delia Orchid Park
Urip Sumoharjo Street Km. 7 Makassar
Phone 62-411-442325
Fax: 62-411-

Hotel Delta
Sultan Hasanuddin Street No. 43 Makassar
Phone: 62-411-312711
Fax: 62-411-

Hotel Denpasar
Boulevard Street, Ruko Jasper II/1 Makassar
Phone: 62-411-454848
Fax: 62-411-

Hotel Dinasti
Lombok Street No. 30 Makassar
Phone: 62-411-325657
Fax: 62-411-325957

Hotel Pinang Mas
Sungai Saddang Baru Street No. 18 Makassar
Phone: 62-411-445339
Fax: 62-411-

Makassar Cottage
Dangko Street No. 50-52 Makassar
Phone: 62-411-853353
Fax: 62-411-853353


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