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Makassar is capital city of South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. This city has some interesting places, excotic islands, beautiful beach, atractive art and culture, many kinds of entertainment, and delicious foods. Makassar is also a gateway to other famous places in Sulawesi like Tana Toraja, Takabonerate Marine Park, Bunaken Marine Park, and Wakatobi Marine Park.

Makassar can be reached through airway or seaway. There are some direct flight to Makassar, one hour only from Bali and Surabaya, two hours from Jakarta, and three hours from Kuala Lumpur. More information

Rail The Tallo River

TALLO River splits Makassar city. Some of the river side is not left out of development. Still original. Railing Tallo River can be an alternative tourism. It means railing the natural beauty and history of Makassar City.

Location of Object
Water flows hundreds kilometers from mountainous array in Maros regency to Makassar. Railing activity start from a dock in Bukit Baruga Seatlement Complex, in Antang, Manggala District, and will be ended in POPSA Dock, in Ujungpandang Street, in the coastal area of Makassar.

Government of Makassar City has set Tallo River as water transportation path. This railing was done along the river with traditional boat. The railing takes about one hour along the track with about six kilometers.

Tallo river is still quite rich of vegetation. Hydrophyte dominate in left and right edge of river. The green meke fluorescent in eyes. In some fields, traditional village with stage-shaped houses are still visible. The residents friendly greet to every tourist.

In the mouth of river, the Makassar Strait welcome soon. Travelers will be presented blue sea scenery, large ships anchored in port of Makassar, and small islands that are visible in the dense distance.

Previously, Tallo River is the main transport route connecting the coastal areas with hinterland of Makassar. Now, when the roads into the city really crowded, Tallo River function as an alternative route.

The price to rent a traditional boat based on an agreement.


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