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Makassar is capital city of South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. This city has some interesting places, excotic islands, beautiful beach, atractive art and culture, many kinds of entertainment, and delicious foods. Makassar is also a gateway to other famous places in Sulawesi like Tana Toraja, Takabonerate Marine Park, Bunaken Marine Park, and Wakatobi Marine Park.

Makassar can be reached through airway or seaway. There are some direct flight to Makassar, one hour only from Bali and Surabaya, two hours from Jakarta, and three hours from Kuala Lumpur. More information

Tomb of Sultan Hasandudin

SULTAN Hasanuddin is one of many Gowa King that experienced most bitter era. At the time, Gowa was subdued in the occupation of the Dutch colonial. He spent all his life to fight. His body lied in Katangka.

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Sultan Hasanuddin (1631-1670) is the 16th King of Gowa. He experienced a bitter time in the history of the Kingdom of Gowa to be subdued because of the Dutch monopoly trade in the interests of VOC. However, because of his courage, Sultan Hasanuddin called de haantjes van het oosten (rooster from the east).

He was born on January 11, 1631 in the kingdom sphere. His inborn name was I Mallombasi Muhammad Bakir Daeng Mattawang Karaeng Bonto Mangeppe. He replaced his father, Sultan Malikussaid, as King of Gowa in the age of 18 years old and called Sultan Hasanuddin.

When Sultan Hasanuddin reign, VOC are conquering kingdoms in Indonesia archipelago. Gowa had big port controled trading routes. Netherlands combines the strength of small kingdoms to subdue Gowa. Take advantage of rivalry among kingdoms, including among Gowa and Bone Kingdom in northern peninsula.

Makassar war uproar in 1655 until 1669. The city is difficult to be penetrated from the sea as protected by the 17 fortress. But entering the mid-year of 1669, the Gowa army squeezed. Attacked from sea by the Dutch troops under the command of Cornelis Speelman and attacked by Bone troops led by Aru Palaka from land.

Sultan Hasanuddin against from Somba Opu Fortress. Because of the total isolation towards the fortress, thousands of people threatened to die. He was also forced to accept the option of Bungaya Agreement signed on November 18, 1667. From 29 articles, all emphasized the only VOC monopoly.

In 1669, Sultan Hasanuddin resigned and submitted the throne to his son, I Mappasomba Daeng Nguraga Tumenanga Ri Allu called Sultan Amir Hamzah. Then he made war together with his people, fight against the Netherlands with the slogan, "Die is better than colonize by other people.”

Sultan Hasanuddin died on June 12, 1670 after suffering placenta. His body in Tinggimae Hill located on the former Palace of Tamalate, the first capital of Gowa Kingdom.(*)



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