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Makassar is capital city of South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. This city has some interesting places, excotic islands, beautiful beach, atractive art and culture, many kinds of entertainment, and delicious foods. Makassar is also a gateway to other famous places in Sulawesi like Tana Toraja, Takabonerate Marine Park, Bunaken Marine Park, and Wakatobi Marine Park.

Makassar can be reached through airway or seaway. There are some direct flight to Makassar, one hour only from Bali and Surabaya, two hours from Jakarta, and three hours from Kuala Lumpur. More information

Tamalate and Balla Lompoa, Gowa Palaces

TAMALATE Palace and Balla Lompoa is the remnant Palace of the Kingdom of Gowa, which now function as a museum. In the museum, stored some relics and inheritance of the Kingdom of Gowa in the golden era.

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History of Gowa Kingdom

Gowa Kingdom stood at the beginning of 14th century, around the year 1300. The first king was a woman named Tumanurung (1320-1345). Since its establishment, the capital of Gowa Kingdom was located in Takabasia Hill then changed the name to Tamalate. In that place Tamalate Palace was built.

Tamalate become capital until the 8th king, I Pakere Tau Tunijallo Ri Pasukki (1460-1510). Than the 9th king, Daeng Matanre Karaeng Mangnguntungi or Tumapa'risi Kallona (1510-1546) built Somba Opu Fortress and moved the capital from Tamalate to the fortress.

But in 1667, The Somba Opu destroyed by the Netherlands following the defeat of Gowa troops under the leadership of King I Mallombassi Daeng Mattawang Karaeng Bonto Mangappe or Sultan Hasanuddin (1653-1669). Since that time, the Kingdom of Gowa lose.

Kings of Gowa afterwards does not have a good palace. Even the 29th King, Andi Makkulau, make his house as a palace. Many property of Gowa Kingdom lost. But some can be saved than stored in Makkulau's home.

Then in 1936, the Kingdom of Gowa build a palace any more in Sungguminasa. That was Balla Lompoa. This palace was built when the 31th king, I Mangngi-mangngi Daeng Matutu, was reign and was stayed until the King of Gowa XXXII, A Idjo Daeng Mattawang Karaeng Lalolang or Sultan Muhammad Kadir Aidir.

In 1945 the Republic of Indonesia established. The era of kingdom in the archipelago ended. All regions of Gowa Kingdom also officially gathered into the territory of Indonesia. No longer the King of Gowa after Sultan Muhammad Kadir Aidir. His son, Andi Kumala Idjo, is only a prince and never become king until now.(*)


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